Dr. Dimitris Efthymiou

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Personal Information

Dimitris Efthimiou has a PhD in Political Theory from the European University Institute. Dimitris also holds an MPhil in Social and Political Sciences from Cambridge University and a first class BA in Sociology from Goldsmiths College. He has taught at the University of Southampton, University College London and he has spent time as a visiting scholar in Politics at Oxford University.

Research Interests

Dimitris is principally interested in normative political theory and has a particular interest in its feasibility conditions and application. Other research interests include: national responsibility and international distributive justice, the relationship between distributive justice and solidarity, environmental justice, the relationship between equality and legitimacy.



“State responsibility in the EU: A normative theory”. Book proposal submitted for publication, currently under review.


“Sen's Idea(l) of Justice”. Jurisprudence, Volume 5, Number 2, 2014, (with a reply by Amartya Sen). 

“Climate Change, Human Rights and Distributive Justice”. Finnish Yearbook of International Law, Volume 20, 2009 [published in 2011], pp. 111-142.

“Equality and Legitimacy”: A critical Review. European Political Science, Volume 7, Number 4, 2008 pp. 411-421.

“How Much Stability Is Too Much?” Article submitted for publication, subject to approval.

“When and Why Partisanship Matters”. Article submitted for publication, subject to approval.

Selected Recent Papers

“National Responsibility and International Exploitation”, Paper to be presented at the Global Justice and Exploitation workshop at the University of Southampton in January 2015.

 “State Responsibility in the EU: An Outline of a Normative Account”, Paper presented at the Responsibility in Global Economy Conference at University College London in May 2014.

 “Who says so? Does ideal political theory need to be objective to yield authoritatively prescriptive normative guidance?” Paper presented at the Ideals and Social Reality Social Ethics Conference in April 2014.

 “When, if ever, are member states truly responsible for their plight? Debunking European Explanatory Nationalism.” Paper presented at the 4th International Conference of the Helsinki School of Excellence in September 2013.

“No Coercion without Justification: Why Europe Needs Solidarity” Paper presented at the 4th Annual Conference of the Centre of Excellence in Foundations of European Law and Polity Research in September 2012.

“Why Liberalism needs Solidarity and why Solidarity needs Liberalism: The case of the EU”. Paper presented at the 3rd Annual Conference of the Centre of Excellence in Foundations of European Law and Polity Research in September 2011.

“Intergenerational Justice, Climate Change and the Future of Human Rights” Paper presented at the Helsinki Summer Seminar on International Law in August 2010.

“Political Partisanship and Moral Motivation”. Paper presented at ECPR General Conference in Potsdam in September 2009.

“Stability and Political Normativity”. Paper presented at ECPR Joint Sessions in Lisbon in April 2009.

“Are there limits to stability? A critical appraisal of contextualist theories of distributive justice”. Paper presented at Pisa Graduate Conference in Political Theory in September 2008.

“Equality and Efficiency: Why not a thinner veil of ignorance?” Paper presented at the 2nd Graduate ECPR conference in Barcelona in August 2008.